when mom and dad are away, the girls will PLAY!

3:32 PM

We left Avery and Olivia with Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig from Friday morning-Sunday evening. Lots of fun was had by all, and I'm not sure the girls even missed us at all!

Here is Avery with Piper and Mesa, Nana and Bapa's dog...
Lil' miss piggy tails had to get in on the photo too!

Mesa and Piper are the best of friends. They played together the WHOLE week! Not sure how Mesa is doing today, but Piper is just sleeping and moping around...sweet baby Liv...

my beautiful Avery with her new puppy "Coconut"
I'm guessing this was taken around breakfast time on Saturday!
Nana Dianne and Avery did this 100 piece Star Wars puzzle together! Impressive!The first stop of their Saturday, was the Fun Fair at the school I went to as a child. This big blow up slide was a huge hit with the girls! Stories have it that Liv would climb up, sit at the top of the slide, and then not go down till Avery (who would have to get another ticket) would come up and encourage her down!

Next stop, Children's Museum! Avery had been looking forward to this for a long time!

Sitting in the Fire Truck with Bapa Craig directing!

Fire Chief Avery!Beep Beep....Here comes Liv!
They had a news station set up, and I guess Avery LOVED doing the weather!
They also have a mini gas station store there, and the girls both had a BLAST playing! I hear Liv really loved it!

Getting Nana some coffee!
Hot dogs anyone?
shop till you drop

"Mom....when are you coming home?"
Liv LOVED playing in the "Mississippi River"And Avery LOVED the exibit....Grossology...It's all about zits, warts, toots, burps, and how your digestion works...

Here is Mr. Snot. green snot comes out of his nose...
the wart and zit climbing wall...how gross is that?
Not quite sure what Liv is doing here, and I'm sure she didn't quite know either....
Real life OPERATION!

So, that is the photos from Nana's camera about the girls' time they had! More to come once I can get my photos downloaded!

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