Thursday, April 16, 2009

trash pickers, ponytails, and kindergarten spelling

It's been an eventful week here at our house!

It's spring cleaning week/curbside pick up week in our town. I went through our stuff a couple months ago and was able to bag up 10 huge black bags of stuff we don't need, that I didn't want to sell, and that I just didn't want to see again.

Needless to day, I think we must have nice trash.....either that, or these people are just looking for some fun on a Tuesday afternoon.

See, that's our trash pile, and that's a family of 3, going through each of our bags, one by one, shopping, or what have you. They spent close to 45 minutes out there. We felt violated and just had to take some photos...


Liv's hair is now long enough to put all of it into a pony tail! It's not a carefully done up ponytail by any means, but hey...I think Avery was well over 3 1/2 before she had enough hair to put up!

and her goodness....
I didn't enhance this photo at all....that is how blue her eyes are.....


It's "Job" week at school, and Avery brought this home yesterday. I thought it was funny. She can read at nearly a 3rd grade level, but apparently her spelling needs some work! They call it "kindergarten spelling", where they just sound it out and spell it how they think it's supposed to be! :)
"I am a Fashin Desiner. I like to desine dress's."


Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

I love papers like this. They are so cute to pull out years from now and show them. They think it's neat too.

AnniePearl said...

Liv's eyes are amazing...I love big, bright blue eyes. Picture perfect!

Hope all is well,

Manda said...

Oh my gosh! People did that to our trash last year too. But the worst thing was that we had shredded up newspaper in an old dog kennel and they emptied the clippings all over our lawn and took the kennel. Wow...people. :)

Josh/Kathryn Paroubek said...

file that somewhere till she is 18!

Claire said...

Oh my gosh, I love that paper!


Becky said...

When I saw Liv's pic in her cute Easter coat I thought, "ahhh Jennisa's been playing with photo shop!" -- those eyes! WOW! I cannot believe how blue and bright they are. Incredible. And beautiful.

I agree - file it. I have a folder for every year of school. And, LB has looked through most of hers and got a big kick out of it.

Okay - G is for Girl. CG will always be my C-Girl. And B is Bean for L-Bean (aka "BEAN!!!!" which she hated me yelling at sporting events.) tehe

Becky said...

p.s. I also very recently got scolded for calling her "Bean" at Target.

p.p.s. I think we should ALL call her Bean. Loudly. And often. mwahh hahahahaha!

Sara said...

so funny. We had the same thing happen at our house....we put out a huge pile and by the time the city comes, it's almost weird I say. Love the pics and Livvie's words/phrases. Maddie is 5 and still has her Boston Accent....oh well. See you soon?


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