we have been SICK...oh, and Easter, too.

10:03 PM

Finn started with a fever and a cough.  Took him in, and he had an ear infection and strep (and a cold).  Poor guy 

Turns out, one of his ear tubes has already fallen out, and the other was just sitting right there in his ear canal.  I had the Doctor take it out, since it seemed to be causing him some pain.  It is soooooo small!  Amazing how much help those little tubes have given mr Finn!

:(  A couple days later, I started feeling sick, and so did Avery.  So... our Easter didn't end up the way we planned it, with cute outfits and family pics :(

Nana Dianne left some Easter gifts for the kiddos!  They got to open them up on Saturday night!

You can tell he's sick....his left eye is more closed, he's got Vaseline on his face, and red marks from wiping his nose :(

Only Daddy and Livie went to church...sad :(

When they came home, we got all of us together, and did our Easter baskets!

Liv and Finn did some hiding of eggs around the house a couple times, and they had a blast going on some hunts....
meanwhile, poor Avery's ears were starting to throb and hurt so much :( 

I spent some time outside trying to strip the chippy paint off of the free playhouse!

Non-sick Liv had some fun jumping around!

By this day, Finn had been on meds for 5 days, but the nose would not stop running...darn cold!!!

Daddy's eyes had been watering all day, so we kind of knew something was up.  Monday morning, Avery's ears were still hurting quite a bit, and Daddy was not feeling well at all.  They both went in on Monday, and Avery had a double ear infection and strep, and Daddy had pink eye and strep.  They both also have "the cold" as well!  SO MUCH FUN!

Curbside pick up was being picked up by the trucks on Monday, so I went out one last time, and there was this super great wood rocking bench!  SCORE!  It also has a matching planter as well!

Even though we've been feeling pretty icky, there are spurts where my energy comes back, so I try to take advantage, and get outside!  Here is where I am with fixing up the Adirondack chairs and the playhouse :)

Thankful Daddy has this Sunday off of preaching, because he would definitely not be able to be preparing this week for that!  We are staying home, and trying to get rid of these icky germs!!!

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