4:39 PM

Daddy and I were gifted with a marriage retreat from our awesome friends that recently moved back up to the cities area.  We called up Nana and Bapa to come watch the kids, and we took off early on Friday morning....

On Friday, we went to Five Guys for the first time, and it was just amazing....we are big fans!

We got to our retreat center, and were reunited with our friends!!!
We also made lots of new friends, too!

It was such a nice time away from life, and I think we may have even learned a thing or two!

Our table for the weekend! :)

We went to church on Sunday, Noodles, and then off back home.  We drove over 4 hours through an awesome winter storm to get back to our kiddos....

They had fun while we were gone, too!  Nana took some pics!



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