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I've been on an organizing kick lately.  All of our memories and photos have been looked at and kept or thrown.  What was fun, was finding all of the emails, cards and letters that Daddy and I sent to each other before and during our dating years.  I put them all together by date, and got a binder to put them in.  When I asked Daddy what I should call it, he said "the Hurt Locker" :) 

lots of tears, happiness, hurt and joy mixed in these pages!

The Sunday before Valentines' day, mr Finn hadn't been to get a hair cut, and it was getting rather long in front....

with 3 girls in the house, we knew how to solve that problem ;)

Liv and Finn gave out shaving cream fluffy slime for valentine's day this year!  Quite a fun project!

Winnie also needs a hair cut!  good grief!

Thursday night, we had our friends' baby Elisha over for a couple hours.  It went too quick, and it was lots of fun!  Finn really enjoyed having a baby around.  He helped feed him, and kept calling him "cute" :)

Last Monday, Avery took her permit test.....and PASSED!  Now, she has up to 5 years to learn how to drive, and once she has it down, she can test (after August). 

A Valentines Day she will never forget!

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