10:09 PM

We have had the most wonderful November weather!  If it could be like this September thru November, I would just love it!!!!

We took advantage of the nice day, and my underwear model helped me sand and "sweep" my wood signs! :)


our town recently got a Taco Bell.  it just so happens to be one of our favorites, but the dog-gone drive thru line is always like a 15-20 minute wait (inside is no better).  So, last Sunday i took Finn out of his car seat, and he just chilled with his baby and enjoyed freedom!!!

He also got a batman tattoo that he likes a lot!  He pulls down his shirt, says "ba-ba", and then "shhhh" cause he wants it to be a secret that he's Batman :)

This is what our house looked like on election night.  We don't have cable, so we had to run it thru our computer to our tv.  We were in complete shock as the results were coming in!  What a night!

Someone has a birthday coming up, so I worked on getting this masterpiece baked and cut out!

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