Friday, November 18, 2016

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas decorating began for us this week!!!  

We tackled the kids tree downstairs first!  They were all very helpful and each played a special role in decorating this masterpiece! ;)

I began my masterpiece....these are my love language...
almond bark pretzels.....i haven't had any since last February, and oh-my...
i'm officially in trouble!

I've been staying oh so busy making Christmas signs!  it's a fun and creative way for me to be crafty, while also helping out our family as well!

We got quite the blizzard today!  No school, and a blizzard warning!  We went out, but were only able to stay out for a short time....the wind was blowing the snow, and it was coooooooold!!!

I had said earlier in the week when the blizzard was being forecasted, that IF it did happen, that we'd decorate for Christmas!  So, we did!!! :)

Finn was mischievous as ever, and reminded me why age 3 is not my favorite. 
also, he's sporting band aids from his 3 year appt shots :(

we're taking naked potty training to a whole new level here....

Christmas tree decorating while wearing the tree skirt!  why not?
Liv really enjoys putting the trees up and helping out, and she did most of this!  Our tree is always quite crazy!!!

Winnie doesn't know quite what to think, poor thing.  We brought out all this STUFF with all the smells, and then there is all this new white stuff out in her yard....I think she feels a bit off today!

but it's oh so pretty to look at! 

All lit up and done!

Liv kept saying "Christmas barfed on our tree"
yes....yes it has!

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