8:23 PM

Finally dove in and tackled Finn's crib!  Made my own chalk paint, so that was quite the adventure!  Design on a dime, I tell ya!  I spent $5.98 on really nice paint, $6 on plaster of paris, and there ya go! :)

 He had the crib out of his room for 3 nights.  That was interesting!

Final result.  Well, not totally final.  Working on the bedding right now!

Olivia got to go to her friend Quinn's house for her birthday party!  What a super fun swim party!

Avery is enjoying having instagram.  She takes a lot of pictures, so at least I will have a lot more of her that I can post! :)

A sweet lady at McDonalds knows that Avery only eats McD's BBQ sauce, so when she noticed us, she gave us quite a bit more than we were expecting! :)

Another Avery instagram post....

There is not a whole lot cuter than little dimple bum cheeks.  I may or may not have this as the wallpaper on my phone....

I let Olivia trim 2 of our huge dogwood bushes.  I need to put up the after...pretty fun :)

It wasn't hot enough to go to the pool yesterday, but we still had a lot of water and outside fun!

Winnie, too! :)

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