summer lovin'

10:45 PM

it was a week full of doctor and dentist appointments.  

while Avery was at the dentist, the rest of us went over to "the big hill" in town.  Burned off a lot of energy!

I got a little pool for Finn to play in.  This is what happened the first time we used it.  He is NOT in it, but the girls funny

He has been playing with this train set all-day-long.  So funny to find him laying down while playing :)  We went to the ENT today, and it was decided that he is going to have a little procedure to put tubes in his ears, and possible adenoid removal.  Poor kiddo has fluid on the ears, ear infections, and isn't talking much, so hopefully this will help him out!

Liv's horse camp began this week.  Daddy is taking her this year, and that is the reason for the lack of pics.  I did get this gem on the way home.  Poor girl is allergic to horses, and was sneezing, itchy, and her eyes were all swollen!

Avery is enjoying taking pics with her ipod, so here is us brushing our teeth...lots of fun happening around here!

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