still here....

10:33 PM

trying out some new fun hairstyles for Mr Man...

Olivia brought up my wedding dress, and so they had some fun trying it on!

This little dude must be getting teeth, because he is a drooling maniac!

Everyday he is getting more and more sure of himself on his feet!  We're up to 10 steps!!!

We are going to miss the lazy days of summer.....

this walker thing has been such a great thing to help Finn learn to walk!

Sister is helpful (sometimes :)

Avery :)

I just had to see what he looked like with a bow..... :)

Olivia got her lower appliance in in March, and they had us stop cranking it.  It's great to see the progress that has been made!

my little cuddle bug

he had to start sometime, right?

his hair was getting a little long in places, so daddy brought out the clippers and we cut it a bit!

Not much different, just more evened out!

Olivia got to have a loooooong playdate with her friend Michelle this week! :)  Summer is winding down!

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