Wednesday, August 6, 2014

backtracking a bit :)

This was Avery's "birthday cake" on her 12th birthday! :)

so funny....the girls inside of daddy's pj pants :)

Avery's last playdate with her BFF Tian.  She just moved to Wisconsin :(

Olivia decided to take Finn for a stroll in the doll stroller!  He actually liked it quite a bit!

This little boy cannot be contained.  He is always moving.....

good thing he is just sooooo yummy!

We went to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house to celebrate Grandma Hilda's 95th birthday!

Olivia found my wedding dress downstairs, and then began a fashion show :)

My little toothless, drooling boy!

He is sooooo close to being considered a "walker".  He has taken 5 steps so far and is getting braver by the day!

This is how I find Olivia every morning....ahhh summer!

We brought home this walker from church to play with, and Finn is loving it!

Even he makes bows look good :)

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