Wisconsin Trip Days 5 and 6

8:34 PM

The next morning (Saturday July 5th), we got up and went over to the land!

Nana and Finn had some quality time together....

The girls took Daddy out for a boat ride!

I got to go on one too!  This was supposed to be our romantic boat ride.....

The girls showed Daddy all their new lake skills...

Finn watched from the land :)  Such a cute little grin he has....

Daddy tried kayaking, but didn't feel too safe.....

So, he turned right around and came back...

Sophie and Mesa enjoy being off leash and the land, and they just love camping.

Love this pic of Mr Finn.....he is a little man full of expressions!

Went inside the camper for a quick feed!!!

Next, into town to meet up with everyone for breakfast at Bohemian Ovens.  Yummy yummy!!!!

Then, onto Chippewa Falls to go to Irvine park to see some animals.

Then, back to the cabin!  Uncle Josh took me and Liv fishing!!!!!

It was a success!  We only caught this one, but it was worth it :)

Olivia was terrified of the fish, and wanted nothing to do with it!

Back to the land for some pizza and smores!

and some family pics!

The girls had to take Uncle Josh out for a boat ride to show him what they learned.

After that, we went back to the cabin, and they all went out on the pontoon for a fireworks show.

Next morning, we got up bright and early to head home.  The man who we rented the cabin from had his grandson Hudson visiting, and Olivia and he made quick friends ;)

Back in the car and on our way home......it took 7 hours......7 loooooong hours....

But we made it, over 1,000 miles later.  Thankful for a fun time for sure!

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