Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wisconsin trip, Days 1 and 2

We left early for our loooooong car ride on Tuesday, July 1st.  We were a traveling circus!  One kid who is nervous about a lot of things, another who has to stop multiple times for bathroom breaks, a baby, and a dog....this is why we never leave the house :)

But, we did, and we had fun.  Here are Finn and I on one of our feeding stops ;)

Avery is into selfies, and apparently Winnie is too!

On the way!  Finn was a bit grumpy at times, so we had to let him watch some DVD's too!

We got to Rochester around 3, and had a couple of hours to putz around.  We took the kids to the college where Daddy and I met.  It was very odd to be there now, with our kiddos.  Here is Daddy at the door of his old housing...

In front of the Ad Building....all of our classes were in this lil' ol place.

The pond, geese, and so many memories here....

Daddy with his kiddos....with the housing in the background.

We were so excited because we got to go and visit DIXIE!!!!!!  Oh, she is just so special and wonderful and great!  

We loved on her, and watched her do some tricks, and just enjoyed being able to see her again!

Here she is with her first mommy and her forever mommy!

and, her real mommy.... :)

Just love little Dixie!  So grateful for the love that Aimee and Eric are giving her, and how they are as smitten with her as we are!

One more hour....back in the car to Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig's house!  Aunt Becky was there to greet us!  So was Rocky Rococo pizza! :)

Finn was so happy to be out of the car, and we were so excited to share him with Aunt Becky!

Next morning (Wednesday) was Avery's allergy appointment!  She had to have 4 drop tests, and only ONE skin test! :)  Her allergies are all going down, which is such great news!  At her next appointment, one year from now, if her numbers are still testing low, then she will get to have milk and egg introduced to her in the office!  We are so hopeful for this, and excited!  If she can have even one of those allergens introduced again, a whole new world of foods opens up for her!

Later, back at Nana and Bapa's house.....

We also went and got to visit ROCKY!!!!  He lives close to my parents, so we got to go to his house and love on him!  He is a bundle of energy, so soft and fluffy, and is doing great!  Love him!!!

We went to Fazoli's that night for supper, which was great!  Daddy and Bapa went and did some driving at the golf course, and we were pooped for the night!!!

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