Tuesday, April 29, 2014

guest post: Avery

Today I thought I might give you an idea of what my homeschool is like. So, I hope you enjoy!

So, this is my binder. I keep all of my papers, my planner, and my pen, pencil, and highlighter.

This is what you see when you open my binder.

This is my planner.

This is a little paper I keep in my binder. Every smiley face stands for one week I have had the paper.

These are all my papers.


This my Science book.

This is the first page of a lesson in my Science book. Each day I read through one of these lessons. (4-8 pages long)

These are what Science tests look like. I write my answers on blank pieces of paper.

This is the second page of my Science packet. Yup, I only have one day left of Science for the year!

Social Studies/History

This is my Social Studies/History book.

This is the first page of a lesson. (also 4-8 pages long)

What tests look like!

The second page of my SS/H packet.


I am reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. I am currently reading Prince Caspian!

For Writing, I am writing a book!
 This is the packet. (I don't know what page I am on...) ☻


I use this website. This is what the main page looks like.

Here is a clip of what the game Spelling Bee looks like.

This is my packet.


I use Kahn Academy. (online) Basically I watch a video, teaching me a concept. Then I have to do an exercise. Here is a snapshot of a video.

Here is a video of the exercise that goes along with the video.

And of course, my packet.

I hope that this post was some-what helpful to you.

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Midwest said...

Happy B-day, to "Avery's mom"...

The "older crowd" tends to forget how much "stuff" we had to learn and remember. "Avery's posting" is a good reminder of how full our days were.

The ideal is to make things interesting enough to want to learn more. That's especially significant in home-schooling, where the only progress comparison is the one being home-schooled.
A difficult job, for both mother & daughter...


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