another hospital trip

10:48 PM

another attack came on Monday evening.  I was able to doze off from about 1-3 am, but besides that, the night was spent trying to get rid of the gall bladder and back pain.

I decided around 5 that I couldn't do it anymore.  I asked daddy to stay home with the girls, and promised that I could get myself to the hospital on my own.  After I left, I realized that there was no way that I could sit in the van and do it, so I called a wonderful woman from our church who ended up driving me down.

I was given some pain relief around 9 am (FINALLY) and was monitored and checked all over.  Had another gall bladder ultrasound, and also got to see the little guy again! :)  I had the same technician for that ultrasound as our gender scan, so it was fun to see her again! :)

Also visited with my surgeon and my OB as well.  She felt my uterus, and just would not risk the surgery right now.  If I was so sick that I was septic, then she would, but I'm not.  I was very upset, as I just want the dumb thing out of me, but I'm thankful that she's not willing to risk the safety of our baby.  So, again, it's pain management, and trying to keep the attacks from not coming.  I left with some mega pain killers, so that will hopefully help.  Oh, and a low fat diet....not enjoying that at all....

Again, the best part of the trip was seeing our little boy!  He is measuring almost 2 weeks larger than anticipated, and is 1 lb 15 oz!  Crazy to think how large he is!

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