The birthday girl ;)

11:09 PM

My birthday girl, with her traditional lunch!
Good news though....usually once a day we are trying something new. Our goal is to have 5 new foods this summer. We're not doing to well with actually liking anything yet, but she is getting much better at trying them :)

Avery had a couple of gifts to open up on her actual birthday ;)

She and Olivia buy each other a figurine with their new age on it every birthday...a little tradition we started ;)

And, mommy and daddy gave Avery some cold hard cash that SHE can choose what to do with! :)

Thank you also to our family who sent gifts to her! She loved them all :)

One of Avery's requests on her special day, was to go see BRAVE.
So, us girls made a little date out of it ;) Good movie!

Daddy surprised us with letting us go out to our favorite Mexican palce for supper too! YUM YUM!

Avery finished out her day with going to Fiddler on the Roof practice.
The whole cast sang to her, and she brought a birthday treat to share too.

I think she is enjoying being 10 so far!

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