Avery's Wizard of Oz 10th Birthday Party

6:09 PM

We had a fun time getting ready for Avery's party! We found tons of great ideas on pinterest.com and the hard part was deciding which ones to do! :)

Avery invited 10 of her friends, and here is what greeted them at their houses!

When the guests pulled up, they were greeted with a yellow brick road, and the Wicked Witch of the East's feet!

Dorothy came too, I guess!

Avery was so excited for the door sign...right out of the movie itself!
She helped make her very own sign to put at the edge of our driveway!
Favor bags for the girls! Avery made them each a rainbow friendship bracelet, lots of candies, free ice cream coupon, and a bookmark!
The birthday banner!

One of the food tables! Found all the blue and white gingham on clearance at Walmart, the baskets at dollar stores and good wills, the lanterns at some random store, and that picket fence has just been sitting in a box ready to be used! ;)

Wicked witch hats...fudge striped cookies with a hershey kiss attached with icing!
Wicked witch broomsticks....mini pretzel rods with banana laffy taffy!
I purchased Toto molds off of ebay, and melted hershey kisses and almond bark for these!
The other table! Saw the topiary idea on pinterest. Cupcake liners with pins!
Animal Crackers - the sign on the other side says "Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my!" ;)
Skittles...Avery's favorite!
Rice Krispie bars with yellow food coloring!
cute little water bottles matched the theme perfectly!
Funfetti cupcakes are always a hit!
Our first game was "melt the witch". I painted the witch with water colors, so when water balloons hit her, she would melt like in the movie.
Found the green grenade balloons, which were super hard to pop...

Follow the Yellow Brick Road relay race...

Pin the Ruby Red Slippers on Dorothy. I purchased some Wizard of Oz clip art off of etsy.com and enlarged it for this game!

Presents ;) The girls had a fun idea to have Avery open each gift up with her eyes closed, and then they would describe to her what the gift was! It was lots of fun!

Happy birthday to you Avery!

I planned for so many more girls, so we had lots of time left over. Avery and Nana came to the rescue and decided to teach the girls how to make tissue paper flowers and call them "poppies" from the movie.
Here is the crew!
Even with the small turnout, it was a fun party. Lots and lots of prep time, but suprisingly not a lot of money! Was it all worth it?

I went downstairs after the party, and saw that Avery wrote this:
totally worth it ;)

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