the month of March

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I have been pretty lazy with this blog here of mine. Been doing a lot of sewing and designing instead. But, I sure do need to update this here blog of mine with my girls!

Some of these are from my phone, so not very good quality :)

Olivia has been doing a really good job with learning to read. I would say she can read about 10-15 words that considered reading? Here she is one day at the Library!

sweet ol' Bernice was on her last leg, and was throwing a monster fit each time I would get on her. So, Daddy ordered me this new laptop. So far so good, and I think his name is Mr Wendell.

Olivia has decided that she is now going to dress herself. I can't believe that I am actually allowing this kind of nonsense, but it is super funny right now. She thinks she is just the best fashion girl ever!

Last Friday we went up to our church friends' house, and had Culver's for supper! Here is sweet Quinn, who is 19 months I believe! She's also going to be a big sister right around her 2nd birthday! :) Such a fun time we had!

Olivia had kindergarten screening yesterday, and I had to stop at the clinic to pick up her immunization records. To my surprise, they think she is of hispanic origin...this was hilarious to us!

speaking of screening, Olivia did awesome. I wish I would have gotten a picture of her outfit she put together. It actually went well together! ;) She is "more than ready" for kindergarten, and has "wonderful hand eye coordination". So, I guess we're excited about that!

Both girls also had conferences in March. Olivia's went great. Her teacher said that she is "ready for kindergarten", and Liv thought that was super cool! The one thing her teacher did say, is that she thinks the transition in the beginning may be a bit difficult. She is pretty clingy to her teacher for the first 15 minutes of class, and then warms up a bit. So, we have to be sure to get a teacher that Olivia will love and feel comfortable with! We already have someone in mind!

Avery's conference was this past week, too. Her teacher said great things about her, and we just basically talked about her health, her emotions and anxiety, and preparing for 4th grade. We are 80% sure we will send her to public school next year, but that 20% is still there. Avery would like to be home schooled as of right now, but that changes weekly!

We invited Avery's BFF Kylie over after school yesterday. We stopped at the school playground before we took her home, and the girls wanted to show everyone they made it to the top of the star. I wouldn't let Liv go all the way up...i was a nervous wreck!

Winnie has a boyfriend. His name is wishbear.

When I say that she likes him, I mean that she really REALLY likes him. after they "play" for a bit, she is a panting mess, and is a little wild. So, I have decided to separate them. Yes, Winnie needs to get fixed....soon...

Speaking of Winnie, here she is today! She is getting her summer cut tomorrow, so check back to see what kind of a hot mess she will be! :) I love the curls, but she will love not having all that fur with this weather!

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