Valentine's Day

9:53 PM

Our day started of just peachy, with having to take little Ms Olivia over to her dentist for pictures, x-rays, and impressions.

We first got there, and the first thing that they wanted to do was take an x-ray, which required her to take out her earrings. Those who know Olivia know that she hates to take out her earrings. So, needless to say, we were off to a rough start. I kindly asked if we could do the molds first instead.

Onto the molds. I had warned the hygenist weeks ago that Liv was not going to be an easy one. She proved me right! She cried and cried! But, with some promising of a trip to Walmart, she eventually cooled down.

On to the this time, taking her earrings out wasn't as huge of a deal (thank you Jesus), so we had some x ray fun! According to our dentist, in all the years that he has been fixing teeth, Olivia's mouth/teeth are in the worst 10%. She needs SO much more space, and it's just a mess in there. Take a look for yourself...

Next, more pictures! She got to wear this weird thing in her mouth! ;)

and, Olivia when it was ALL OVER!

We picked up Avery for lunch, and here are my 2 little girls on this Valentine's day!

I helped at Avery's school today for her Valentine's day party, so that was fun!

Then, tonight we all went out for supper, just the 4 of us! Fun times for us!

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