2 weeks in one post

10:43 PM

We have been sick, sick, sick here! I think 3 different sicknesses have went through our house, and currently the last one is only with mommy....YUCK!

We all did a lot of computer programs....

and lots of meds and nebulizer treatments!

in Winnie news....she has a growing affection for Daddy. She likes to lay by his feel wherever he goes :) And, yes, that is Daddy's lumberjack pants :)

My brother Josh recently moved to the same town his lady friend lives in. He is now much closer to all us family!

The weather last week was kind of nice, and Winnie enjoyed spending a lot of time outside.

On Thursday, my brother PROPOSED to ELLIE! :) She is a 6th grade teacher, and the principal of her school called a fake assembly for her grade. It was so cute! ;)

Here's the ring! Josh did a nice job! :)

Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came to visit! We had lots of out to eats and fun times! Today, Nana and Bapa took the girls, and all 3 dogs to a park and let them run off some energy!

isn't this the craziest picture! check out Sophie's face! ha ha ha!

This is the only picture I have of the Valentine's outfits I made for the girls. I'm going to try to get another picture later! This pic is also how I feel after doing all our valentines this year!

Here are all of the FOUR sets of valentines we decided to do this year! Gotta love ideas from Pinterest

for the boys! :)

Here's Avery modeling a ring that she made out of kisses! :) FUN!

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