Turkey Day!

7:24 PM

We traveled to Wisconsin on Tuesday for our Thanksgiving vacation. Avery had an allergy appointment on Wednesday, so it worked out perfectly!

Her appointment was very long, and also very good. She was able to increase her peanut, egg, and milk drops, and also all of her environmental drops as well! Yea!

We were so lucky that Uncle Josh came up from Indiana for Thanksgiving!

He also introduced us to a friend of his named Ellie, who the girls fell in love with (we all did, actually). And, Ellie brought along her HUGE dog named Zeek, too. Seriously, the dog is the size of a small pony.

Olivia has a special new friend!

We loved meeting you, Ellie!

For our yummy meal, Aunt Becky and Cousin Lilly came over to eat with us! It was so fun to see them and catch up! Avery had the idea to play Scrabble, and it was a lot of fun!

Avery busy tallying up the scores, while Bapa is having a snack!

The girls took Nana Dianne's camera during the day and took many silly photos, and also some silly videos as well. This one is hilarious! ;)

Now, onto our drive home. Olivia was complaining that her tummy hurt a bit. We ended up pulling over so she could go to the bathroom. Then, we pulled over a bit later for some lunch. She said that her tummy still hurt. And, well, she ended up throwing up over everything. I have never experienced a kit vomiting in the car before, and it was the grossest thing ever. I won't go into too many details, but rest assured that it took hours after we were home to get it all cleaned up. It was even stuck in the prongs of my wedding ring....yes it was. Here is Liv after she was all cleaned up at a gas station.

Our friend Buddy showed up today! We were doing laundry, and peeked over and saw him! So exciting! The girls are very excited!

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