Trick or Treat, 2011

8:33 PM

Starring, Olivia as.....Raggedy Ann!

And Avery, as Pippi Longstocking!

oh my, was Avery's costume a labor of love! I made her wig (could have done a lot better job, I see), and everything on her body except her boots, were handmade! Torn apart old lady clothes from back in the 50's, scarfs for was months and months in the making!

the neighboor girl caught up with us and walked around with the girls and Daddy and I...

the girls were awfully cold after an hour of door-to door ringing, and all that walking! Our neighborhood has gotten a lot bigger this past year, so it took a bit longer!

the girls were so excited to go to Brittany's house...she works at Applebee's, and the girls think she is the bestest!

One of our highlights of the night, was when Avery's best friend Kylie and her siblings drove over and rang our doorbell! :) So fun to see them!!!

Thankful for the fun family night, and even more thankful that we don't have to do this for 365 more days! :)

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