our weekend

11:20 PM

Olivia came out to me and said that she had something to show me in her room...

"Olivia loves(heart) i Mom"...I'll take it! :)

Friday and Saturday I worked on a tree skirt for Christmas! Lots of cutting, and sewing, but I'm so pleased how it turned out!

Saturday, I realized that I never took pictures of the girls' room that I painted blue this summer! We were cleaning up that day, so I figured I'd get a picture of it when it's semi clean! :)

The girls wore their pumpkin outfits to church today! The pants look a bit long in this picture, but with their boots on, they were just the perfect length! :)

Emah is all ready for trick or treating tomorrow night!

So are the girls...here are 2 clues as to what Avery will be!

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