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Last Sunday, our family left for a vacation up to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house. We had a fabulous week of rest, swimming, eating, and visiting with all our family. We are so fortunate that we have grandparents and family that live so close to us!

My camera battery was left uncharged, so all I had to document our trip is my phone camera!

On Tuesday, we went to visit Great Grandma Hilda and do a group skype session with more family from all around the U.S. That was an experience! Olivia loved pushing Grandma around in her wheelchair!

Wednesday we went to the local Museum. They recently opened up an area for children, and my girls LOVED it!
Here is Olivia by her covered wagon, with her basket of apples that she bought from the storekeeper for 5 cents a piece!

in the prairie house with Nana Judy, watering flowers!
Liv had to do a quick costume change, for sure!

on Thursday, we went to Storybook Land....all of us (minus Uncle Jon).

Grandma Hilda hadn't been there for years, so it was fun to take her through it all. She even was wheeled through Old McDonald's Farm, and in the tornado in Dorothy's house too!
We tried to get a picture with cousins Noah and Blake, but it's kind of hard to sit still when there is so much to look at!
Took a trip on the carousel...

and the girls went in the hot air balloon ride by themselves....30 feet up in the air! :)

Later that night, we went out to eat! I had the BEST burger ever, and wish I would have taken a picture of it!

We left early this morning, and arrived home today. What a fun time! Thanks Nana and Bapa!

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