ear piercing and new glasses

8:16 PM

Today has been a traumatizing and fun day for us!

Liv has been talking about getting her ears pierced for a bit. So, we went to town today and she was very excited!

She crawled up on the chair while mommy filled out the paperwork. Avery also was going to get hers done after Olivia!

The lady made marker spots on her ears
and this is where it gets a little traumatizing. Look at her eyes....so nervous!!!
After the above picture was taken, Liv cried and cried! She was so nervous! So, we stopped, and took a break. She had a good cry, and the ladies told her that she could sit in my lap! That made it better for her!

Well, she did it! She screamed and cried SO loud that it made Avery almost cry and sick to her stomach, too. Needless to say, Avery decided against going after Olivia after all.

Fast forward 15 minutes, and she was just fine.

She kept wanting to see herself in mirrors! So funny!!!

Avery and I got new glasses today! They look a bit large on her in these pictures, but really, they fit her just great!
The girls were being a bit silly when we got home!
And, the little girl with the guts to get her ears pierced at 4.5!

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