Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nana and Bapa visit, and Avery's birthday!

Avery modeling the skirt and shirt I made for her! At least one of my girls likes the stuff I make and doesn't call it "howible" (horrible)...

My parents were here all last week camping, so the girls got to see them every day for 8 days straight! We all had an action packed great week!

On the 4th of July, Nana and Bapa arrived and right away the girls had a fun time running through the sprinkler with Nana!

Later that night we went to the fireworks! The rest of the week we did swimming lessons, the museum, library, out to eat dates, shopping trips, swimming pool, and more!!!

The day before Nana and Bapa left, we celebrated Avery's birthday with them. Nana had picked up a few things at the American Girl store for Avery!

I just love to look at her face when she opens gifts! :)
She LOVES the shirt oh sooooo much!
And a matching shirt for her doll???? PERFECT!

She had been eyeing both of these items when we were in the American Girl store last month!
Right away she had to go and change, and put Emah in her shirt! :)

This is the only picture of Bapa I have of the week....he had a cold, so he did a lot of this with the dogs....

Avery's birthday was on Monday, July 12th! She had a bit of a cold, but she still managed to keep herself in good spirits!
She got to drink from the fun birthday cup for lunch!
And a fun hot dog-candle for lunch!

Avery's request for her birthday....going bowling! We had the whole bowling alley to ourselves!
Liv LOVED bowling, and did fairly good at it!
Avery played 2 good games, and even beat both Mom and Dad in the 2nd game!

After bowling, Avery and I got in the car and went to Big Town to go to a movie that she had been wanting to see for a long time! :)
She LOVED the movie, and even commented that she was so "into it" that she forgot what day it was!

When we got home, she still had a couple small gifts to open from our family!
She got a "Oh Brother, Oh Sister....a girls guide to getting along with your sibling". I hope she reads every page, and that Olivia will read it as soon as she learns to read!
just a few little things, as Emah was her BIG gift from a lot of family!
and we ended the night with a fruit snack candle, right at 9:08 pm, her exact birthday!

Happy birthday Avery! We love you so so much!

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