Olivia Valentine Mailbox

12:32 PM

There's a lot of things I'm not good at....the list is mighty long (cooking, cleaning, remembering groceries, etc) but one of the things that I attempt to be good at is creativity and crafting for my girlies!

And, when Olivia came home from school with a note saying she had to have a box made for her Valentine's, I was ON IT! :)

I did a google search, and we came up with some fun options. I let Liv choose between a mailbox and a birdhouse, and she ended up choosing a mailbox, so yesterday we crafted and made her a mailbox!

First, we had to find the right pieces for it! (we are HUGE fans of the Mt Dew throwback!!!)

and cut them to size... (notice the little flap for her mail chute :))

taping the pieces together to make the mailbox was a bit more tricky, but we got it!

I wrapped the whole thing up in Valentine wrap, which was a bit harder than an average box, but ended up looking okay! Olivia helped decorate with some Olivia the Pig Valentine's that we picked up for $2 at Target...

and, I think her smile says it all!

This is not the end of our Valentine craftiness, at all. I have been working on Valentine's for both of the girls and will be doing posts on both of those as well! :)

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