Avery's iPod Valentine

10:51 PM

I wish this was an original idea, but I found it during one of my many late night searches for what to do for the girls' Valentine's this year. When I told Avery about it she loved the idea, so we went with it! It's really quite fun....

first, some supplies: (not shown in photo {stickers, clear bags and bag toppers})

We made up Avery's playlist first and then printed them out...don't ya love her choices?

next we cut out the fun papers and taped them around the Chicklets to make the iPods...{i forgot to put the string for the ear-pods on before this step, so I had to take the tape off and do it over again...oops}

next came pasting on the playlist and menu on the iPod...you'll need an extra crafty 8 1/2 year old for this step!

add the ear-pod rolos to the strings with stickers!!!! (our stickers weren't very sticky :()

address your bag toppers...

put the iPods in their baggies and staple them shut!

package them all up and give them to your friends!!!

We're about half way finished with Olivia's! Her party isn't until Tuesday, so that will give me a few more days! Let's just say, hers are "magical"! :)

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