9:24 PM

Hey Noah....

Ya got some news for us????

Noah became a big brother on Friday, 4-16 at 4:16 pm! :) DJ and Rachelle did not know if they were having a boy or a girl, and they were blessed with.....

another boy! Introducing our new cousin and nephew, Blake Micah! He came out a little bruised up, but boy oh boy, is he adorable!

Nana Judy is loving on the new sweet baby!

Nana Judy and Bapa Ron with their 4th grandchild, and 2nd grand-SON!

We were SO happy that we were in town so we could go up and see the new family of 4!


After going up to the hospital and seeing Blake, we went to the local fun kids park!!!

giddy up!

such a fun slide!

humpty dumpty got a new paint job!

and, this time Avery actually requested to go through the whole Land of Oz...we haven't walked through it for years because she was too afraid!

Glinda also got a huge paint job!

and, here are the girls at the beginning of the yellow brick road! we made it through the whole thing, with no tears!


We arrived back home tonight, and drove over and saw the progress on the new house! All the duct work and electrical stuff has been finished (i think)...

getting super excited to see what's next!!!

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