trip to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house!

9:16 AM

We just returned yesterday from a little get-away to Nana and Bapa's house! Uncle Jon and Aunt Holly were visiting, so we had to take some time off to go and see them! (Avery's teacher excused her with her blessing!)

The girls and I went and visited Aunt Rachelle in her Kindergarten classroom. The girls had a fun time looking around, and Liv especially liked playing in the kitchen area!

Look what I found in her class?! Please tell me you remember Kid Sister and My Buddy! It was so neat to see these little reminders of my childhood in Aunt Rachelle's classroom!

The weather was so nice that we were able to enjoy the pool!

Daddy was finally able to see Avery go under water! Nana Judy bought a fun slide for the pool, and surprisingly, Avery and Livie both tried it out!

(i love how Piper is watching Avery in these photos!)

Liv is also a little water bug! She loves to jump, float, swim, and kick! She hasn't figured out how to close her mouth under water yet, so she still does a fair amount of coughing!

She loved the slide too! Look at her face as she's going down!


Right before we left, we had lunch with Nana Judy, Aunt Holly and Uncle Jon. Liv really developed a liking for Holly this trip. She called her "My Ho-wee"...

Avery was feeling extra creative while we were there, and wanted to make door signs for all of our family. It started out with this one....

and then, she was like, "Mom, what do you like to do?" I told her I enjoyed swimming, and so, this is what my door sign says....

(guess i'm an Olimpic Champoein now!)

I LOVE what she chose for Daddy's sign!

and this was one she made for Nana and Bapa...

"OffaSir"...I just loved it!

So, now we're back home, and back at normal life! It was so nice to have a little bit of a vacation!

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