Sunday, June 7, 2009

goodbye ugly...

I don't post photos of our basement on here...don't think I ever have.

Our basement is what you would say, "old"and also it's a whole lot of "ugly".

When we moved into this house over 4 years ago, we thought we would work on the basement right away. The carpet is this yellow and orange totally ugly sight, and paired with the wood paneling it makes for a large ugly room.

We had no intention on doing anything with it any time soon...that is until today...

I have been itching to move lately...I want more usable space for the girls.

The thing is, is that our house has enough room...we don't need to more. We just need to use the basement more...We have this large basement space that is too ugly to want to spend time in.

Not any more.

Today I had the thought to try and see if the ugly carpet would come up easily. It did, for the most part.

The girls and I worked for an hour or so tonight on it, and we got most of it up! Here are some images I took with my phone for twitter....
Avery saw this and said, " looks like a person!" Sure does!
Here is the finished product for tonight.

We are planning on giving the basement a warm color on the walls, and new carpet, and then hopefully it will be another space that our family can use!
And, then we can hopefully have a place for daddy's office, and maybe even a place for guests to sleep too!


Carol said...

How do you get motivated to start a project like that?? I need to do my upstairs bathroom and just can't find the motivation!

Good luck on the project!!

sara r. said...

we sure do have THIS in common....we are in the exact SAME boat with our basement and I totally understand!!!! I pray daily for a miracle transformation....we have ceiling ripped out and floor ripped out and it's been sitting that way for many many months.....urgh!!!!! Best to ya!

Heidi @ Tayterjaq's Rebels said...

Looks like lots of fun in store for you...or should I say hubby??
Some days I just wish we had a basement so I could send the girls down to it and get them out of my hair. In our neighborhood it is just our house and one other that do not have basements(they were the first two built)'s so unfair.


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