end of January

9:59 PM

This is how we all felt when we had to be back to "life" on Monday....

Finn got his class picture back, and I just had to post it again, cause I just think he's so yummy!

 We spent the week re-cooping from being gone.  When Saturday came, Finn and Liv wanted to do some baking!

Finn helped me mix up some homemade Chic Fil A Sauce!

And Liv wanted to bake in her easy bake oven.  I told her that she was old enough to use the real oven, and so we googled what we could make with the ingredients we had, and off we went!

She did everything herself.....I helped with only the frosting!

Finn's favorite cookie was his hand print

And Liv's was a glass slipper!

Unfortunately, the frosting didn't go as well, and they ended up looking like crud, but tasted SUPER good!

This week, Winne got some attention.  She was cut and bathed, and she and I both despise it.

Our friend got a sweet new baby puppy named Betsy, and the kids just LOVED her!

And, our friends new restaurant opened up so we were able to enjoy that with them!!!  So yummy!

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