Fall 'round here....

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we've been busy, and i feel like i have been going a mile a minute on projects for months!  House stuff, and now Halloween costumes!  Whew...I'm tired!

One of my projects, was this message center....needed for sure, to help my momma brain remember where my kids need to be!

This is how my dining room table looked for weeks.....knee deep in Halloween!

I had 3 injuries during this month, all self-inflicted....make that 4, when you count the door falling on my head.... 


Avery has been having a blast returning to high school, at least from the sound of things!  She has been keeping herself busy with school, and rehearsals for All State Choir, and the Fall Musical.

Livie brought home this funny paper.....it was too good not to share! :)

Finn goes to school, reluctantly, 3 mornings a week.  He has 3 girls and 1 boy in his class, and apparently he is the shyest.  Poor little guy....hope he will overcome that someday soon! :)

I was surprised last week when a member of our church showed up and had these roses for me!  It was for appreciation for being a Pastor's wife!  October also marks the beginning of our 14th year serving here at this church.
Back to those darn Maleficent horns.... the whole headpiece is just going to drive me over the edge!  I've done those horns 3-4 times already...

Finn's costume is coming along.  He's pleased, so that's all that matters (and not all the mismatched seams and horrible sewing).

My hands have been increasingly painful, so I went back in for a checkup.  Turns out I hadn't been to my doctor in 2 years, but it was time....we're still getting to the bottom of it, and I go back next week for some more testing.... 

We got to go to a beautiful wedding on Saturday!  It was at a Roman Catholic church, and the kiddos had never seen anything like it!

Avery was looking for the Hunchback, and I kept thinking the Phantom was going to pop out somewhere!

Avery also got her braces off on October 3rd, so she's enjoying all that comes with that!

Looks like I will be a monthly blogger from here on out!  ha!

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