Friday, August 11, 2017

into August we go!!!

no lie....this "HARDEST decision EV-AH" took her AT LEAST 30 minutes, till after 10 Walmart!!! SOOOOO funny, my life is!!!. Good thing we had the WHOLE SCHOOL SUPPLY SECTION to ourselves, so she could lay out ALL THE OPTIONS, and make SURE that things went together (???) .... what HARD decisions she had to make!!!!
gotta love my Livie

Here is some of what she ended up with! :)

She also needs a drawstring backpack / cinch bag.  So, we found a clearance XXL womens skirt at Walmart, and made her one!  The tutorial I read said she made it in 30 minutes.  It took me off and on for 2 days, with lots of mistakes! :)

Found this beauty at Goodwill....going to be a shelf for Mr Finn's room!!!!

Also, when Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig were here, they went past a house that was putting in new kitchen cupboards, and these were out for, here is what I did with them!  One is going into our laundry room (hopefully) and maybe one in the garage :)

While up at Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house, Finn got this Dino egg at Storybook Land!  When we got home, into the water he went!  He spent 3-4 days coming out of his shell, and then spent another couple of days growing after that!  It was a cute and fun thing for the kids to do!

These kiddos have been hanging out ALL summer together.....And, yes, Finn doesn't wear clothes much.  oh well :)

We found a rock by a cute little tree in town!  We then took it and re-hid it in the front of Walmart!

The ice cream truck came again!  This was the second time this summer, and it was soooooo much fun to hear it coming, and then wait for it, get yummy treats, and enjoy!!!

Finn chose a power puff girl...not sure why...
(also, he and Liv had a little crash while scooter-ing the other day, and he got an owie) 

This is one of his silly looks these funny!

The end of his ice cream ended up on our driveway!

Close up of his owie right after it happened, with some goo on it!

and, because he didn't pick it AT ALL, it healed up within a week!  whoo hoo!!!!!

Liv wanted to take a picture of her and Winnie for a bookmark....and mr pants-less boy wanted to be in it too!!!

I feel like I've been super busy with projects lately, but it's been fun!  Just finished this one up today, but can't show because it's a gift!  Pieces of laminate flooring, cut up, and put on an old kitchen cupboard door....

I will have to update what it ended up looking like once the gift is given!!! :)

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