Saturday, May 13, 2017


So, this girl of mine has LOVED Wicked the Musical since she was 11 or 12.

For Christmas, we surprised her with tickets to see WICKED!  She began her countdown that day to May 11th

The day finally came, and Avery and I were off to Minneapolis on Thursday mid morning!!!  We got to the Orpheum around 6:15, and had to scout it all out before we went in!!!

Avery and I had been messaging with some of the cast members, and we had planned to meet them after the performance at the stage door!  We had to figure out where it was!!!

Kind of in disbelief we were there!  Our VERY FIRST Broadway show!!!!!

We had wonderful seats....second row on the balcony, so they were basically perfect! :)  This is us before it started filling up!  This show was SOLD OUT!

Right before it began!  She may be just a tad excited!

Intermission.....this is how she felt! :)  ha ha ha! 

The show was amazing, and the Elphaba was just incredible.  What an experience! 

We quickly hurried out of the Orpheum, and got to the stage door!!! :)  Avery had made pictures and some other things for the cast members!!!

We got to our friends house late that night, and left by 10 on Friday to get home to Liv's track meet!  Here were our wonderful hosts, the Stewards!!! :)

What a wonderful, fun filled, action packed 24 hours!!!!! :)

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