Saturday, October 8, 2016

Homecoming, Mr GQ, and naked potty training

Homecoming was last weekend, and miss Liv decked out in her black and red for the game!  She is sporting a wrist brace, as she hurt her wrist in's getting better...

How handsome is my dashing boy? him.

Took the dive back into potty training.  We ripped off the diaper, and so far we're doing super good.  One accident Friday, one on Saturday, and 2 today.  He marches over to the potty chair when he needs to go, and we don't have to ask or remind him at all.  

The hard thing has been having him naked from the waist down with 2 girls in the house.  It's rather, we decided the shirt tied around his back over his pee-pee is a good compromise.

this kid cracks me up :)

Avery IS still alive, but she spends all of her time downstairs, or so it seems.  She is living in a land of songs and broadway shows at all times of the day... ;)

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