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Nana Dianne and Bapa Craig came this weekend, and they were able to help me finish up some projects!  I had been thinking about putting paneling on our island to lighten it up, but it was a bit pricey over at Lowes.  I was at our habitat restore here in town, and I found pieces of the SAME paneling I wanted for $3!!!  I got them, and had our friend make some cuts, and Bapa helped me finish it up!

This little guy wanted to be working, too! :) Also, toy hammers are very loud....

Here is the  (almost) finished product!  I have to put some caulk in some seams, but I'm very happy with it!!! :)

Found an old piece of wood at the restore, too.... put some coat hooks, and there ya go!  $2 :)

I was getting ready to put out a bunch of our crud on the street for city wide clean up days, and I saw this long piece of wood that we had on our old queen bed.  My head got thinking, and I didn't want to just put a nice piece of wood like that on the trash pile....

Our blinds looked kind of bare, so I thought maybe it could be fun up there?  Right Bapa?  Daddy? ;)

Bapa got to work on it, and I made it all distressed and old looking.  From the pics, it doesn't look as great as it does in person! 

It goes with our decor really well!  I LOVE IT! :)  cost = FREE (bapa bought the screws!)

I wanted to make some shutters for our entry way.  Went to the restore again, and for $1.50 I got some fun old white beat up siding.  Measured, and had Daddy help me cut it, and there ya go!  Made a wreath out of some greenery I had, and bam.... $1.50 :)

Haven't done any work on this one....but figured I haven't posted a pic of miss Winnie in a while!

Sunday was a windy but nice day, and Daddy and Liv went out in the field and flew a kite!  Lots of fun! :)  Looking forward to nicer weather for sure!

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