Tuesday, January 5, 2016


We rang in the new year quiet and at home!  Love that!

I had to get on camera Finn's first time eating lefse!

and him playing in the tub with his new airplane!  it was loads of fun!

I made numerous gifts for Christmas this year, and haven't been able to post pics, so here they are.  VERY VERY "handmade", but it's something that I enjoy doing! :)

this one was meant to be kinda funny....but total truth :)

And, the kiddos got a Wii!  They are loving it, along with the new tv downstairs!  

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Tracey said...

Hi Jennisa! I tried to fill out form for waiting list but it will not let me. I just need to make sure it is still open before I send my $25. Thanks!!


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