Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wednesday and Thursday

Haven't gotten our pool passes yet, but we sure enjoyed playing in the water!

Finn also got his 3rd haircut from the salon!  He looks so yummy with a fresh new haircut!

I made him a changing pad cover.....

and crib sheet!

still working on his name sign....

and Olivia.....she told me that this IS a good idea and it IS totally possible....

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

another phone dump

Liv and her student teacher, Miss P.

Livie had Karissa over for a playdate during the last week of school!  We went for ice cream, and then the girls played for a couple hours!

We got the hoses hooked up, and it turns out that Finn is not hesitant AT ALL with the water.  He got right in there and played with the freezing cold water!

Not sure what this is at all.....

Sister brother selfie at church!

Hanging out...

With all the babies that were born when Finn was, there was only ONE other boy, Ethan.  So, they are getting to be friends!  Ethan loves to hug and kiss Finn!

I wanted to copy Pottery Barn Kids with their large wood planks, so I went to the restore in town, spent $3.75 on some old barnwood planks.  I glued the planks together, had hubby cut them, and then I stained a bit over the white paint.  Next, traced out mr man's name, and I think I'm still going to rough it up a bit before I call it done....

and this is going over his window because....who doesn't love Friday Night Lights?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Olivia's last day of 2nd grade

first and last days!

Liv and her friend Tess :)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

phone dump

Nana Dianne came to visit a week or so ago!  We had a fun little Culver's lunch!

One of our many Walmart trips....Avery had to document it!

This girl is so silly when she has my phone...

She took this selfie when I ran into a garage sale :)

Olivia's school class had crazy hair day last week!  So glad her teacher sent a pic! :)

Finn had his 18 month dr appointment.  During the wait for his shot, little mister decided to explore, and climb, and's what he did :)

Avery finished her 6th grade school year!  Here she is on her last day :)

Finn hid the other day, and when he came out, we smelled why :)

Here is the kiddos from today! 

Avery takes such great pictures, no?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Field Trip with Olivia

Miss Olivia asked if I could go along with her on her field trip!  I said yes, and off we went!

1 hour on a bus with a bunch of 2nd graders...actually wasn't that bad :)

Liv took this pic of a "real dinosaur!"

simulating flying (i think?)

astronaut Olivia

they went into this hallway, and it turned them into black and white....really neat!

It was a good day....a long day. but a good one, and I'm glad I got to have 7 hours with Olivia ;)


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