phone dump

9:13 PM

Nana Dianne came to visit a week or so ago!  We had a fun little Culver's lunch!

One of our many Walmart trips....Avery had to document it!

This girl is so silly when she has my phone...

She took this selfie when I ran into a garage sale :)

Olivia's school class had crazy hair day last week!  So glad her teacher sent a pic! :)

Finn had his 18 month dr appointment.  During the wait for his shot, little mister decided to explore, and climb, and's what he did :)

Avery finished her 6th grade school year!  Here she is on her last day :)

Finn hid the other day, and when he came out, we smelled why :)

Here is the kiddos from today! 

Avery takes such great pictures, no?

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