Christmas Day

10:17 PM

i saw an etsy seller had painted a sign similar to this, so I thought I'd give it a try.  we're looking for a place to put our stockings anyhow :)

We slept in until 8, and were slow to get up this morning!  But, once we did, it was time for stockings and presents!

Avery LOVED the new Star Wars movie, so I was able to get her a BB8 shirt in time :)

An etsy seller who makes dinosaur costumes....isn't it just the best?  This was a huge hit with Finn!

Avery got a 3D Mickey Mouse puzzle, and it was sooooo hard!  It fell apart a couple times, but she didn't give up!  

Liv received some easy bake oven kits, so she made a cake today. 

She also did more toenail painting! :)

And Avery.....still working on the puzzle!  She did finish it!  whoo hoo!!!!!

Finn got his first taste of a candy cane!  thumbs up from him!

Olivia has been on a hot chocolate kick lately!  She has been making herself some almost daily!

After supper, we got all snuggled up and put on "A Christmas Story".  Love our crazy little crew!


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