Petting Zoo and Pumpkin Patch

8:15 PM

Last Saturday was the annual petting zoo!  I took Olivia and Finn this year, and they enjoyed seeing many different animals!  Finn was pretty hesitant of the horses at first, but by the end, he was getting a little bit closer :)

Olivia couldn't leave without riding!  The horse was so photogenic for us!

This girl of mine LOVES Horses!

Today was another eventful Saturday (although much nicer in temperature)!  We went to a new-to-us pumpkin patch a couple miles from our house.

Finn clapped when he saw this blow up!

The man was so very nice!  We came home with a lot of pumpkins, as his final day of being open is tomorrow! :)  I guess my lack of planning actually was a benefit this year!

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