Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our April

I have been trying and trying to get Finn's room done.  It is proving to be quite the challenge.  I am going for an industrial-vintage-boy room.  

I have been picking up things here and there for his room, and got these crates for around $6 a piece at Joann Fabrics.  I then stained ....took a long time

I didn't want them to be plain, so I chose 9 different dates that mean something to our family, and put them on the crates ;)  I just love how they turned out!

A long way from being finished, but it is what it is for now :)

Just finished his dresser (for the time being).  It used to be black, and I painted a peacock color over it, and then took some stain to it after that.  I have never had a bright piece of furniture before, and I have to say that I'm loving it ;)

Olivia has been bringing home some real winners lately.  I had to post a few :)

And then there's this guy....

we stopped nursing April 27th.  Sad, sad, sad....

Avery usually watches him for around an hour for me each day (so I can sleep), and I love the pics I end up finding on my phone....

 Here are 2 of the latest Sundays where Mr Man has been all dapper for church!  Just love him!

seriously....those eyes?  

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Midwest said...

Jenn -- 'just letting you know that, even after my recent relocation, I occasionally "look in".
I also tend to ignore birthdays -- if you're not getting older then, of course, neither am I!

The end product of all your work with the crates is nicely balanced under the window, but I'm hoping you're not setting yourself up for frustration.
I'm "visualizing" Finn with something like the yellow schoolbus, taking great pleasure in knocking (your) orderly display to the floor.

John Gray's book of 20+ years ago is only an analogy -- boys really aren't from Mars, and girls aren't from Venus. Even so, I bet it will feel that way as years go by. What little girls enjoy building up, little boys enjoy knocking down.
Get ready for it...


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