January misc

11:59 AM

Not a lot going on here at our house...

Our Winnie is officially "bell trained", which means she will ring the bells by our sliding glass deck door when she needs out. What an accomplishment! No potty accidents for weeks! :)

We bought her this "bob a lot" toy online. You can put treats or food inside, and control how often they can come out. It's supposed to stimulate their mind, and cause them to think to get a treat. It keeps her busy and out of trouble, so for that reason alone, it's a great buy!

The sweet girl has got massive curls! It's pretty crazy!

Liv wanted a mini photo shoot...she is still very into wearing tank tops at all times of the day.

It snowed here last week, finally, and the next day I was ready for it to go away again. Winnie loves the snow, and will stay out there for a long time.

Avery turned 9 1/2 on Thursday. We went out for lunch with her bestest friend Kylie.

And, now I'm sick with a cold. Olivia picked it up somewhere and shared it with me. It's so irritating that the rest of my family is jumpy and happy and LOUD, while I'm sitting here miserable... :)

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