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tidbits from our life....

There was an article in the newspaper a couple weeks ago about food allergies in the schools. We were interviewed for it, and I think she did a great job. Below is the article. I have blurred out a ton of information, but I hope you enjoy it....

The girls and I have been busy decorating the house for fall! Olivia decided that she wanted to paint her pumpkin this year, and she chose BLUE, of course! :) This is the same color as their room...

She also decided to draw our family. It has been such a beautiful week or so here, and we have been spending a lot of time outside!

just LOVE her! During our times together, just her and I, she would ask many thought provoking questions about God and Jesus. It's great to see her mind beginning to understand!

Here is Olivia's finished product! Mom helped quite a bit, but she did the blue!

And Averys! She did most of it herself! She LOVES red!

3rd grade has been great so far for Avery! It is a world of difference from 2nd grade, which is a welcomed change :)! The kids are required to read 5 nights a week for 15 minutes each time, so Avery has been doing a whole lot of this....
She discovered a new series she liked called "Allie Finkle", and she has read 5 of them since the beginning of school. She'll have to find another series she likes for 2nd quarter!

Her teacher is just wonderful! She emails the parents e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y! She tells us what the kids did that day, what assignments are due, and information we need to know! She also sends home encouragement certificates with the kiddos too, and Avery has begun a little collection! :) Such great encouragement for kids!

And one more picture of our pumpkins out front! I found SO many ideas of what to do with pumpkins this year on pinterest.com. Pinterest is my new favorite thing! :)

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