10:26 PM

We had to get up bright and early today to get to BIG TOWN for our ultrasound by 8:30! Olivia looks great, and they really looked over her brain and her heart to make sure she's healthy, and SHE IS! She is head down and face down right now, so that explains a lot of the crazy kicks and punches! We were lucky enough to have a couple of those new 3D images of her, so that was a suprise! It's amazing how you can make out the features so clearly! After the ultrasound, it was on to my dr. appt. We're still a little concerned about the amount of contractions I'm having, so I'm supposed to "take it easy". We're at 30 weeks today, so we need to hold on till at least 38 weeks! We will know the c-section date sometime in Septemeber...it's coming up!

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