12:00 PM

Liv had her 1st "Speech Therapy" session on Monday. There are 2 women who come to the house for 30 minutes, once a week. The first visit went well. Katie (the intern) played with Liv, while her teacher Megan and I talked. She asked lots of questions, and after assessing Liv, she gave me her "preliminary results".

She thinks that Liv's receptive language (understanding language) is wonderful...actually above average.

But, her expressive language (talking) is around a 15 month old. That is 1 year behind her age of 27 months.

I look forward to seeing the progress that she makes!!!

9:40 PM

Before Christmas, I bought a couple "as seen on TV" purchases from Target. They always look so darn enticing on the tv, don't they? After I watch one of those commercials, I often say, "Man...I should have thought of that!"

One of the items I purchased, was the Pedi Egg. How nice to be able to help your feet stay nice and pretty during the summer months (when I am barefoot a lot). So far, so good.

And, when your 2 year old gets a hold of it, her feet are just as smooth as can be!

Oh, the 'other' purchase, was the "pedi-cure" for far Piper is a little scared of the battery sound, so I don't have a review of it yet!

bye bye Bernice....

9:27 AM

I had to finally pack up Bernice yesterday. I have spent the last week stripping her of all her files and photos and videos. She is now bare....ready to go back to Dell.

She got packed really nice in her coffin cushion filled box...

and sometime today, Mr. Fed Ex man will pick her up.

Here is my new computer....looks basically the same, but she is a newer model

Sure, she's fancy,

But she's no Bernice.....

goodbyes are so hard....

Liv's 2 year photos, a bit late

4:53 PM

I know the quality is nothing to write home about, but no big deal....the subject is!!! Here are the images we got from Liv's 2 year pictures!!! :) The last one, way at the bottom, is the one we chose for the package! Enjoy!

Heat Wave!

4:49 PM

Here in the Midwest, 30 degrees is a super nice day for January! With temps being at -26 last week, 30 degrees seems like t-shirt weather!!!

With it being so gosh darn cold in these parts, my girls haven't been out in the snow yet this winter. Today, we finally went out. The snow was so very deep in our backyard that we didn't last long. It sure is hard trekking through 16 inches of snow!!!

my sweet nephew

4:13 PM

Remember these outfits???? We got them for "baby" at Christmas...

Look at how adorable Noah looks in it!!!

Just look at how handsome he is....Nana Judy is pretty foxy herself! :)

Aww....kisses from Daddy!

a beautiful horrible disaster...

9:47 PM

Thanks to all who came by to help me celebrate my 2 year blog-0-versary! I wish I could say that it was a glorious day, but it was quite the opposite....

I'd tell ya the whole nine yards about why it stunk so bad, but here's the rundown:

*mommy has strep
*mommy also has a UTI
*mommy wishes her mommy lived closer to take care of her
*mommy has been a crabby, moody, sick mommy...

Sick sick is just awful. Liv is on meds now too....
Avery is better, Daddy is sick, but won't get on antibiotics....


Today, between 8 am-9:30 am

Liv woke up with nasty poopy diaper
Liv put hands down diaper, now has poop all over hands and blanket
Avery is late for school, doesn't want to wake up, she is crabby
Daddy tries to take Avery to school, but gets stuck in a snowbank in driveway
While mommy is outside trying to help Daddy, Piper and Liv are inside house alone
Piper poops on carpet, Liv steps in it, and proceeds to walk all over
Mom almost cries and wants to give up....


good new computer arrived on Monday. I've been busy trying to transfer all the stuff over, and most importantly, trying to think of a new name for this beauty. I'm thinking Bertha, but I could also go for something more normal, like Boomshequa....

My 2nd Blogoversary...

12:00 AM

I'm sure you've noticed the countdown to my 2 year Blogoversary!!! Yes, it's been 2 years since I've started this little blog about my family. Man, oh man...Let's look back at what my family looked like back then....

Well, here is my first post: Peer Pressure

and here is what my kiddos looked like in January of 2007...

Avery was 4 1/2
and Liv was 3 months

Then, a year later - 1st Blogoversary.
Here is that post: Happy Blog-a-versary

Avery was 5 1/2
and Liv was 15 months

My goodness...time sure does fly. I'm so glad I started this blog. What a great way to look back at my kids growing up! I hope they appreciate this someday!

Now, the FUN part...

I'd love to know YOU.

I don't do this as often as I should, but heck, it is an anniversary of mine!

If you are reading my blog....whether it's your first time, or 1,000th time, comment and let me know! puh-lease (insert me begging here....)

I'm always curious as to who makes my sitemeter go up every day!!! I'd love to know you, and how you came upon my little ol' blog!

Ya see, down there....there's this little word that says "comments"...yup, click on that, and type away!!!

Can't wait to "meet" you all again! :)

calling all prayer warriors out there

9:39 PM

I "met" Kelly when i did her blog design a few months back. She and her husband went through years of infertility. Today she was induced...Her daughter Harper is in critical condition right now. Please is their link:

she qualified!

2:53 PM

in past posts (here and here), I've spoken about Liv and how her language hasn't quite come yet. At Liv's 2 year appt in October, her doctor told us that we should start to look into it.

Liv had her hearing checked, and that was great.

Last week she had a full evaluation from the Birth to 3 program.

Yesterday we went over the results with the team who evaluated her.

Liv scored high in most areas of the evaluation, except for her expressive speech. Therefore, she has qualified for FREE services!

We will be having a speech teacher come to the house weekly until she is 3. We are hoping this will help her in developing her speech!!!

We love you sweet Liv!

my pampered piper

1:23 PM

just like my 2 other girls, Piper is also rather spoiled....

Nana Judy had one of these "dog pens" for her Phoebe,
and when I saw it, it was a must have.
We have now taken down our gates!!!

one little word...

11:59 AM

i found this blog today, and was compelled to join in...

you pick one word that will be your theme for 2009...

i feel like i could have a lot of words for this year...

i think i will settle with 2/3 words...




i need to be joyful that my family is taken care of, we are loved, we are in God's hand. so many people are going through awful battles and losing loved ones, and we have been blessed with no tragedy in our lives. this is something to be joyful for...

i need to appreciate all that i have been blessed with, and not take it for granted... i find myself sometimes wanting more, or wanting more for my girls, for my husband, for myself...i need to be content in what we have, and where we are...

these will be works in progress for me, and by the end of 2009 i still don't know if i will have it all down, but dog gone it...i will try...

what is YOUR word for 2009?

10:02 PM

Liv had turned into our little "princess". She is having such a fun time dressing up these days!

Here is Avery...down for the count. I think this is the day she went to the doctor for strep throat.

My sweet Liv is growing up...her hair makes her look so much older than she is...

And, you're wondering what my 6 1/2 year old looks like? Well, here is what she looked like after she went and got what she wanted for her 1/2 birthday...light sabers!

Look at that face....she was thrilled, and she and daddy had such a fun time fighting!

Here they are funny! Photoshop is so much fun!

a little of this.....

9:17 PM

and a little of that......
and you end up with THIS!!!!!
just got the photos of Piper's mom and dad today!
Dad is a toy poodle, and mom is a shih-tzu!
We think she looks like a poodle, but with shih-tzu hair!
What are your thoughts?

Happy 6 1/2 Birthday Avery!!!

8:40 AM

It's hard to believe that just 6 1/2 years ago (July 12, 2002) my life changed forever.

Becoming a mother is such a profound life-changing event.

My sweet Avery is growing up.

Can't believe she's still that little baby that I couldn't hold enough of....

She was just the cutest little baby....And what a beautiful, kind-hearted, smart, sweet, wonderful girl she has grown up to be.

I can say, with all honesty sweet Avery, I couldn't love you any more than I do,
and I couldn't be more proud of you than I am......"...And I'm the one who's loved you all your life... all of your life." ~ Meredith Andrews

Happy 6 1/2 Birthday Avery!!!

Good ol' Bernice

7:52 PM

Remember all of my rants about my laptop, Bernice? Yes, good ol' Bernice. She has been violated beyond ripped and replaced (twice), numerous body cavity searches, and lots of hours being looked over....

I thought she was better...I really did! I mean, she had all of her innards replaced....of course she's going to work just fine, right???

Well, Christmas was pretty hard on her. She kept giving me the "blue screen" messages and shutting down on me just because. I was hoping it was just a one time deal. When she shut down for the 5th time, I realized that it wasn't just a fluke...she needed help...again...

My Dell computer dude called just a bit ago. He has finally decided (after me telling him in the beginning he should do this) that I need a brand new computer. So, I guess in 8-10 business days I will be getting a new friend. I'll miss Bernice. She's been good to me, I mean, when she wasn't shutting down on me. She's dealt with lots of pokes and prodding, and I'm sure she's just ready to be done...

Onward and upward, I guess...

Oh, and Avery has strep for the 2nd time in 5

10:32 PM

after reading the comments left on my last post, I decided to take this jury thing into my own hands! I called in this morning, and politely said, "Hi...this is Jennisa. I was supposed to come in this morning for jury duty, but I'm sorry, I can't. My husband is a full time pastor (yes, I played that card) and I have to stay home with my children." The Clerk told me, "Um, yes, the judge will release you this time, but the next time your jury is called, you will have to find some sort of day care." Did I mention that this jury duty period lasts until the end of February? grrrr

I picked Avery up for lunch yesterday and she asked me,
"Mom...can we take Jerrett out for lunch soon?"
Then, as we were driving to the restaurant, she told me "the news"...

"Mom", she says, "He likes me, and I like him.
So, that means were boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Oh", was all this mommy could muster up.

"Mom...please don't tell Daddy, okay?"

"Um, okay..."I said.

"And, I wrote him a letter that said that I L-O-V-E him!
He got so embarrassed that he threw it on the table!"

Nice....real nice....

I've been a chatty Kathy with some friends over the past month! Did you know that you can now CHAT through google??? If your computer has a webcam, and you have a gmail address, then you can chat with me!!! Check out who we chatted with tonight...

My mom....

Happy Friday to you all!

jury duty...again

6:51 PM does one person, 29 years old, get called for her second time for jury duty in the span of 6 years?

it all begins

10:34 PM

i officially have the cutest puppy ever...

oh, and my dad killed another deer....

Noah's birth....the l-o-n-g story

6:50 PM

We had just gotten back from visiting A-Town, where Uncle DJ and Aunt Rachelle live. We weren't expecting baby to come for at least a week! Rachelle wasn't due until the 8th!

Surprise surprise! We got the call yesterday afternoon, and within 2 hours, the girls and I were packed up and ready to go back to A-Town!

We were in a winter weather warning/blizzard, and it was horrible no good weather...really awful. We went anyhow!!!

When we arrived at the hospital, Rachelle was at a 6 and had just gotten the epidural. We camped out in the hallway along with Rachelle's mom and dad, and Nana Judy and Bapa Ron.

Avery brought her school bag with lots of things to keep her busy...

The Grandmothers were anxious to meet their new baby boy, or girl!!!!
Bapa Ron kept the girls busy by taking them to the play area....
so this photo!
We weren't there very long, and there was lots of action going on in the room. Apparently, Rachelle was going pretty fast, and she was getting ready to push! 40 minutes later, DJ came out of the room to give us the announcement.....
It's a ......BOY!!!
Look at the Grandparents reaction as he was telling them!!!

Nana Judy....she was over the moon happy!
Bapa Ron and his firstborn son, congratulating him on his first born, a son...
Rachelle's parents enjoying their 6th grandbaby, but their little girls' 1st child...
Nana Judy just LOVES she is holding Noah for the first time...
He is just the most adorable baby boy ever!
Bapa Ron holding his 3rd grandchild, and 1st grandson
The new family....DJ, Rachelle and Noah
Liv kept busy by climbing under the bed and playing with the my Liv
Check out the head of hair!! It's a blonde/brown combination, and it is SOOO pretty!
Aunt Jennisa and Avery, with our very first nephew/cousin
DJ the daddy, with his SON!!!

We went back this morning one more time before we left. Noah had a good night, and was sleeping peacefully (until they took him for his circ....ouch!)

Liv loved looking at the precious baby
I think Noah is a keeper!
Me and my girls with Noah...
...we are SO in love!


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