Last day of swimming lessons

3:28 PM

After the previous post of Avery putting her head underwater, she has been the stubborn girl that she is, and went back to not doing much at all. The last couple days of swimming have been full of frowns, no's, and crying.

Today was the last day. Her swim teach has been such a trooper with her. She was being very shy and crabby, and not doing much of anything. Towards the end, I told him, "take her out and go under." He told her that they were going to go under one more time.

Here she is holding on to him for dear life and saying "NO NO NO...can we PLEASE go back to the edge?"

We both told her, "Just one time, now hold your breath and count 1-2-3"
And, there ya have it! Photographic proof that Avery went under water! She didn't cry this time, and said it was "kind of scary" as to "really scary the first time".
Look at Matt's smile...when she got out, all the other kids and teachers were looking at her with big smiles!
Way to go Avery!!!

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"pray without ceasing..."

11:01 PM

and so we will....for sweet unborn baby Stellan. Please read my good friend "MckMama's" blog to read her story:

Below is a button that I made for her. Please post it on your site, and join with us all in prayers for this baby and his mama...

HERE IS THE CODE...grab it for your sidebar!

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water bugs

9:40 PM

Feels like we were in the water all day today. At swimming lessons, wading pool, small pool outside, and then back to the wading pool. Whew....hope they sleep good tonight!

Here's Liv as we were playing in our pool in the backyard

And, this look she's giving me....

We then realized that our pool is such a bore in comparison to the FREE wading pool. Even thought I had a headache, I took both girls over for some water fun!

Liv LOVES the water. Quite unlike her sister, she has no fear.

She had to go deep to where her sister was playing.

And, crawling in the shallow end! I had to keep reminding her to keep her chin up!

It only 2 children are VERY opposite from each other...

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And, in Avery news.....

3:53 PM

She put her head under water twice today.

Did she want to? NO
Was she happy about it? NO
Does she ever want to do it again? NO

Seriously, the child cried and cried and cried. She had the teachers and other parents praising her, yet she cried...good grief.....

But, she did it. And that is no small task for my extremely stubborn Avery!

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Please pray....

10:20 PM

My childhood friend, "Mel", is in the hospital and just heard news that no one ever wants to hear...that there is a 95% chance that her sweet baby, "MckMuffin", is not going to make it.

Please visit her blog, HERE , send prayers and love her way. I will be calling her shortly to hear her voice, and love on her from hundreds of miles away....

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Happy Anniversary to.....ME!

6:48 PM

It has been officially a year since I have been designing blogs. It's actually been more than a year since I started doing them here and there, but it's been 1 year since it has been a "business" for me. A's gone by fast!

I can't say enough how much I LOVE doing this. I get to be at home with my girls, which is the most important thing to me. Sure, my days and nights are kind of screwed up, I have to nap during the day to make up for lost sleep, and the housework isn't all getting done. BUT, I LOVE IT!

The income I am making has been such a blessing to our family. The friendships I have made over the computer have been wonderful. This blog world is such an outlet for me, and I am so happy that I can design these blogs for women who want to have their outlet, too.

I just counted, and since I "officially" began designing, I have now done 380 blogs....380!!

I thank each and every one of you who have helped to make Once Upon A Blog what it is today! A couple of "special" thank you's....
1. Mel, who introduced blogging to me...THANK YOU!!!
2. Dena, who gave me the motivation (and clients) to start 'er up...THANK YOU!!!

In honor of my anniversary, let's have a "coming out party" of sorts. Are you a blog reader of mine? I'd LOVE to know...really, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to know! :)

Please leave me a comment here, and then I can come and check out your bloggie too!

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Searching for a coat

9:15 PM

Last week I began the search for a wintercoat/snowpant set for Avery. I'm all about a bargain, so I like to search for awhile till I find what I like.

My search began and ended on Ebay. I just love Ebay. Actually, I just love to shop. Especially for adorable girl things.

Anyhow, in my search for a winter coat for Avery, I just had to share some of the (in my opinion) HORRID coats that are for sale on Ebay. I got a good laugh, and I hope you do too!

For the music lover

For the Faux-fur lover....seriously, why??? for a kid? good gracious...

For the Zoo animal freaks

Don't have a comment for this one. Looks like it comes with a train...

For those of you who have kids that want to make their own coat

And, the grand finale.....the practical, reliable, comfy, warm PERFECT for Avery, Columbia set.

Gee, I wonder if I choose the right one?

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7:35 PM

"For this child I prayed, and the Lord hath given me what my heart desired." 1 Sam. 1:27

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At the big top

10:55 PM

The circus came to town today! To say it was hot is the understatement of the year. It was so so icky. PLUS, we were under the tent, with NO AIR, so it was just oh so nasty.

Avery LOVED the circus, and Liv either liked it, or was too hot/tired to move. There was NO way that I was going to be in a photo. Take my word for it....I looked nasty.

check out the pink cheeks.....

Just by looking at the girls, you can tell how hot it was, huh?

And here is Miss Liv on the way home. This was her look. She had a glazed over high on hotness look. As soon as we got home, all of us took a nap....a looooonnnnnggggg nice nap! :)

Moral of the story...sometimes we, as parents have to "pay our dues" with taking them events that we would HATE to be at. That's how it was today. It was gross, hot and sticky out, but we took them. And, Avery said tonight that it was the bestest time ever, so guess the buckets of sweat and the laundry basket full of sweaty clothes was worth it!

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10:53 PM

Liv took a dive off of our picnic table last night. A dive into the grass, and landed on her bubble maker. So, here, is Liv's first (of many, I'm sure) black eyes!

(and, seriously....with her hair this way, she looks so old!)

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more swimming lessons....

3:27 PM

Today, teacher Matt wasn't at lessons. BUT, the great news, is that Brittney (the girl who gave Avery private lessons) was his sub! Avery had a fantastic day....

She did the "monkey crawl" on the sides of the pool. Usually she puts her hands and elbows up on the ledge, but today Brittney talked her into just holding on with her hands!

Next, Avery did some back floats, which she has really never done before. She's crazy about being on her back. But, again, Brittney made her feel comfortable, so she did it!!!

And she also showed Avery how to do her "ice cream scoops" while doing a "chin dip" at the same time!!

Lastly, she tried so very hard to talk Avery into blowing bubble in the pool. Avery was stubborn, of course, but out came a straw, and she did it! :)

Tomorrow is Avery's last day of swim lessons. Daddy and Liv are going to come too, so hopefully Avery will decide to be brave and put on a show for us!

Oh, one more thing....she got a new bed. We are finally putting her into a twin bed. Here she is posing with the bed after 1 coat of primer! :)

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$32 of embarrassment

10:36 PM

I am ashamed. I spent $32 tonight that should NOT have been all.

Get this. I spent it in the drive thru at Dairy joke...sick and wrong, right? yup...

I didn't get anything outrageous, was just THAT much $$$.... I even asked them to read back the order to me, and THEN I looked at the receipt. I should have driven away, but I didn't....

Here is what I bought.....
3 BBQ's
2 onion rings
1 hot dog kids meal
1 - 4 pc chicken strips
1 med pop
1 lg blizzard
1 md malt

Nothing too crazy...we DID splurge on dessert. But, $32? Seriously? We could have eaten at our favorite sit down Mexican restaurant, or gotten twice as much food at Applebees.

Gol, DQ...I've got beef with you and your prices....grrrrrr

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More Swimming...and this time it gets good!

4:52 PM

Avery had swimming lessons again today. Look at how far in the water she went today? These are called "neck dips"!

BUT, the best part of the day....after swimming lessons, she and I went to the wading pool, and she showed off a few new skills!!! Check these out.....


Plugging nose and putting nose and mouth into water!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

And, putting our ears in the water! WHOO HOO!!!!

Then, she decided that she wanted to jump in, all by herself! Check her out!

She didn't go under, or anywhere near, but it's a HUGE step for her!

She just loves to walk around on her hands in the pool.....

And, before we left, she finally conquered the umbrella thing. She has always stayed away from it, but today, well today...she went in it! GO AVERY!

I am such a proud mama today!!!

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