no more princess diaries

10:41 PM

well, since we'll be welcoming a sweet little BOY into our family this fall, no longer is this blog just about my 2 little princesses!  so, back to my original blog title, from way back in early 2007....  my sweet little family

sad to see the pink go, but excited for what lies ahead for our family!


19 weeks

2:06 PM

How far along: 19 weeks (but baby is measuring 20 weeks, so they may change my due date...we shall see..
Total weight gain: 13-14 lbs
Symptoms:  nothing much these days

Maternity clothes: yes
Stretch marks: no
Sleep: love
Best moment of this week: ultrasound, and seeing our baby
Miss anything: not so much
Movement: every week baby moves much more
Food cravings: nothing
Anything making you queasy or sick: nope
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: BOY
Looking forward to: finally buying boy items for this boy!


1 more day!

12:00 AM

I'm not the only one in this house who is waiting impatiently for ultrasound day!

The days are going by slow, and I'm trying to keep myself busy so that tomorrow will just be here.  I am beyond curious to know whether we will be having another little girl, or welcoming a boy into this girl-filled house!  It didn't even hit me until Sunday that I could walk away from the appt. without knowing! With Avery, we had to go back into the ultrasound room after our dr appt to try to get a peek, and with Olivia, she finally gave us a peek at the end, after a lot of trying.  I am praying this baby cooperates!  All 4 of us are going to the ultrasound appt, and I'm hoping the girls enjoy it as well, and feel more connected to their new little brother or sister!

Will be back later with the reveal! :)


18 weeks

12:07 PM

How far along: 18 weeks
Total weight gain: holding steady around 13-14 lbs
Symptoms: some headaches, braxton hicks have slowed down a bit

Maternity clothes: yes
Stretch marks: nope
Sleep: having a tough time....slept twice in the recliner this week :(
Best moment of this week: lots of baby movement!
Movement: yup!
Food cravings: nothing in particular
Anything making you queasy or sick: not so much
Have you started to show yet: yup
Gender: 6 more days!
Looking forward to: ultrasound!!!

Last day of Horse Camp!

11:55 AM

We all went for Liv's last session of Horse camp!  Daddy was "on" this time, so Avery and I just watched!  

Here, Liv is learning to listen to the horse's stomach!

doing some laps with Solo!

Barrel races!

Such a great experience for her!

That face says it all!  She loved it!

And, she's a graduate!  Great job Livie!


17 Weeks

10:29 PM

How far along: 17 weeks
Total weight gain: thinking around 14 lbs
Symptoms: headaches, braxton hicks

Maternity clothes: yes
Stretch marks: nothing new
Sleep: loving it
Best moment of this week: feeling the baby moving!
Miss anything: wishing i didn't have headaches
Movement: yes!
Food cravings: nothing in particular
Anything making you queasy or sick: nah
Have you started to show yet: yes
Gender: less than 2 weeks away!
Looking forward to: planning for a baby boy or girl!

Horse Camp 3, and sunburns

11:30 PM

Tuesday was Olivia's 3rd day of Horse Camp!  She was so excited that she got to ride Solo again!  One of the college girls showed her how to clean out his hoofs....mommy was too afraid to get in and do that part! 

It was another beautiful evening, so we got to do some outdoor riding!

She is very good at leading him back into his stall!

in other news, i have the worst sunburn I have ever had.  This is a couple of days after the fact, and lets just say that every move legs look the same, too, so every step hurts, too....i've learned my lesson!

Winnie's visit with Rocky!

8:26 PM

I took Winnie on her first of 2 trips up to visit with Rocky!  He had longer hair this time, so it was nice to see how his coat looks!  These photos were taken after he was pretty tired out, so they are not the most flattering!

The breeder had a couple horses out, and I saw this little pony, with a pony!  I had to take a photo for Livie!

Here's Winnie on the drive home!  She was tuckered out!  Puppies *should* be here around August 10th, if everything goes according to plan!

Horse Camp, take 2

9:21 PM

Olivia went to Horse Camp again tonight!  She did much better this time. Still had a lot of sneezing, but we spent a lot of time outside, so that helped her allergies.  Last time we were in a barn, and that didn't go so well.

She rode "Casey" tonight :)  Black Beauty!



16 Weeks

3:41 PM

Had my dr appts today!  I'm measuring right on schedule, baby's heartbeat was high 140-low 150s.  Gall bladder dr appt went well and now we're just going to try to hold out until after the baby comes!

How far along:  16 weeks

Symptoms: braxton hicks (about 7-8 a day), headaches
Total weight gain: sticking at 13 lbs
Maternity clothes: yup
Stretch marks: nope
Sleep: had a couple horrible nights this week, but getting better
Best moment of this week: seeing the girls enjoy their summer activities
Miss anything: not having headaches
Movement: think so!
Food cravings: chewy fruit candy
Anything making you queasy or sick: nah
Have you started to show yet: um, yes
Gender: find out in a few weeks!
Labor signs: contractions began last week...lots of braxton hicks, but I'm assured they are normal, and getting my uterus 'ready'
Looking forward to: sunshine, and the ultrasound in a few weeks!

Horse Camp

11:44 AM

Olivia has loved horses since she was around 2 :)  So, this summer, she was finally old enough to go to Horse Camp here in town!  It's a child/parent class, and she will go 4 times :)

Last night was class number one! :)  She has a great time!

She chose the horse named "Solo"

She learned how to brush him, and how to approach him without him getting scared.

The last 20 minutes, we got to ride.  By this time, her left eye started to get pink, she was coughing, sneezing, and had a dry throat.  Didn't seem to slow her down much!

She adored Solo :)

**we peeked at my blog for when we went to the horse barn before, and found this picture...and, she actually rode Solo this time too! ;)

When class was done, I looked at her eye again, and it was an allergic reaction for sure.  Not sure if it was because of the cats around (very allergic to cats), or if she is allergic to horses.  We're going to try class on Thursday, and if it happens again, then we may have to call it quits...

Daddy had to bathe her, nebulize her, and put a cold washcloth on her eye, and she was good as new! far..

12:54 AM

summer, that is!  our weather has been no fun!  we have had ONE nice day, which was Sunday, and the rest have been windy, rainy and cloudy!  Looking forward to some sunshine so we can get outside!

Winnie is in heat, which means that we will be breeding her this weekend!  Excited for another round of puppies, that's for sure!  These pups should be due around August 10th!  Winnie is feeling like any other lady during her "time", so she's extra quiet, reserved, and is keeping to herself quite a bit!

i have had HORRIBLE nights the last 2 nights....restless, which, by talking to a few other ladies, may be 'restless leg syndrome'...we shall see.  I'm hoping for a good night tonight.  So miserable being so darn tired, but twitching, and not being able to sleep!  so odd!

I never did talk about Liv and Avery's teacher remarks at the end of the year!  Liv got the best grades she could have for Kindergarten, and her teacher has always said what a joy she has been to have in class.  Avery got all A's...all above 97% and the highest one was 106%!  Her teacher also enjoyed having her this year, and thinks Avery shows signs of maybe one day being a teacher :)

Daddy is, well...working...not too much different in his days yet.  Trying to clean up the mess of a backyard that Winnie has left us, and tending to a new tree with these windy days.

The girls begin their summer activities this week.  Olivia is doing Horse camp for the next 2 weeks, and then she will be doing Gymnastics for the rest of the summer.  Avery begins voice lessons this week, and we are still hoping to do violin as well!

I think that's it...

oh, and i think i *may* have started to feel the baby move.  I'm not 100% sure, which you'd think I'd be by child #3....but, we'll see :)

ice cream cake

5:12 PM

Olivia had her first experience of ice cream cake! :) Yum Yum!


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