Olivia's first day of M-W-F preschool

8:34 PM

Someone was very excited today for school! :)

she had to accessorize, that little fashion diva...

walking up to school!

the doors weren't opened yet, and she walked away from me and stood by the door! too cute!

walking down to school!

finding her locker, and hanging up her bag!

I left her playing with Ms Lacie...she discovered a play phone that had texting on it, so she was loving that!

2 1/2 hours later, and I came upon a little girl who had a blast at school, and liked "everything"!

she can't wait to go back on Friday!

look who had open house tonight!

7:19 PM

Olivia was looking forward to visiting her school ALL day today! They put a new sign up this year! :)

Here is Ms. Chelsea, her teacher this year! She hugged her at least 4 times tonight!

This is Ms. Kris...she will be Liv's assistant teacher! :) It's her 11th year at the school, she told us!

and Liv's teacher from last year, the director, Ms. Lacie.

Liv loved seeing her friends from last year again! She is really excited for Wednesday morning!

Avery's first day of 3rd grade!

4:11 PM

7:15 came awfully early this morning! Avery was up, and ready to go!

Here is my 3rd grader!

the school was PACKED this morning, and we luckily found a parking spot.

walking down the 3rd grade hall! :)

Her teacher, Mrs. B! We've heard such wonderful things about her, and are very excited for this year!

I took this from outside after I said goodbye...sigh...

AFTER school! She had a great day!

had to play a bit on the playground before we went home!

Liv also started speech today again. She has a different teacher, Jennifer. And, tonight is Olivia's "open house" at preschool.

what we've been doing....

7:12 PM

summer is winding down here, and this mama couldn't be more happy about that. I am ready for the girls to be back in a routine, and not in each others business all-day-long!

We're all registered, we've been to Olivia's orientation night at preschool, and Monday is the BIG day! Avery will be in 3rd grade, and Olivia will be in her 2nd year of preschool, and speech once a week!

To get ready for the big event, we had to get haircuts, of course! Our hairdresser was SO sweet to get us in within a couple hours after I called! 30 minutes later, and we had 2 new haircuts on 2 sweet girls!

In other news, yes, I was sewing again. I think I spend my Saturday's whipping up something! Last Saturday, I was bound and determined to make the girls pants. I've been making skirts and dresses, but no pants! I made up my own pattern, and paired it up with shirts, and just like that, 2 new outfits! :)



and, our Nana Judy just had to have surgery for a broken wrist, and we LOVE her, and hope she recovers very soon!!!!

This week...

5:49 PM

My sewing machine wasn't cutting it, and after my mom was here last week and noticed a few things about it that weren't right, I knew I had to return it! The company I purchased it from was fantastic, and they gave me a new one, a much NICER one! :)

Say hello to my little friend

I have had a fun time making some more stuff!

Avery carries a laptop lunch case each day for lunch, and it's impossible to find a carrier that will hold them! I figured that I could make something up!

One, turned into 4, and I think I have it down by now, if I need to make more!

And, I found out today that Avery's allergy aide will not be returning for the lunch portion of her day, and I'm a tad freaked out, to say the least. So, I decided to make her a belt so she can wear her epi pen daily, in case we go that route.

Also, today as we were driving in the car, Liv said another one of her funny things! :)

"there's a girl in my brain telling me, please kiss a boy!"

such a silly girl...

one more week till school starts on the 29th :)

ear piercing and new glasses

8:16 PM

Today has been a traumatizing and fun day for us!

Liv has been talking about getting her ears pierced for a bit. So, we went to town today and she was very excited!

She crawled up on the chair while mommy filled out the paperwork. Avery also was going to get hers done after Olivia!

The lady made marker spots on her ears
and this is where it gets a little traumatizing. Look at her eyes....so nervous!!!
After the above picture was taken, Liv cried and cried! She was so nervous! So, we stopped, and took a break. She had a good cry, and the ladies told her that she could sit in my lap! That made it better for her!

Well, she did it! She screamed and cried SO loud that it made Avery almost cry and sick to her stomach, too. Needless to say, Avery decided against going after Olivia after all.

Fast forward 15 minutes, and she was just fine.

She kept wanting to see herself in mirrors! So funny!!!

Avery and I got new glasses today! They look a bit large on her in these pictures, but really, they fit her just great!
The girls were being a bit silly when we got home!
And, the little girl with the guts to get her ears pierced at 4.5!

our week, in phone pictures...

9:59 PM

Last Sunday, our family left for a vacation up to Nana Judy and Bapa Ron's house. We had a fabulous week of rest, swimming, eating, and visiting with all our family. We are so fortunate that we have grandparents and family that live so close to us!

My camera battery was left uncharged, so all I had to document our trip is my phone camera!

On Tuesday, we went to visit Great Grandma Hilda and do a group skype session with more family from all around the U.S. That was an experience! Olivia loved pushing Grandma around in her wheelchair!

Wednesday we went to the local Museum. They recently opened up an area for children, and my girls LOVED it!
Here is Olivia by her covered wagon, with her basket of apples that she bought from the storekeeper for 5 cents a piece!

in the prairie house with Nana Judy, watering flowers!
Liv had to do a quick costume change, for sure!

on Thursday, we went to Storybook Land....all of us (minus Uncle Jon).

Grandma Hilda hadn't been there for years, so it was fun to take her through it all. She even was wheeled through Old McDonald's Farm, and in the tornado in Dorothy's house too!
We tried to get a picture with cousins Noah and Blake, but it's kind of hard to sit still when there is so much to look at!
Took a trip on the carousel...

and the girls went in the hot air balloon ride by themselves....30 feet up in the air! :)

Later that night, we went out to eat! I had the BEST burger ever, and wish I would have taken a picture of it!

We left early this morning, and arrived home today. What a fun time! Thanks Nana and Bapa!


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